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Udemy Mobile Games Development by Jamie Cross

Update: 15 October 2015:  Gamesalad does not seem to be free anymore.
Programming and making games used to be tedious and difficult. Even now, I believe most of the top games are still made with lots of time and effort. But that doesn’t mean hobbyist and games enthusiasts cannot have a hand in games making. There can be a few reasons why some people would like to build a game. Maybe for a school project, just as an interest, testing out the market, inspired by Apple games or for monetary benefits.

It used to be that computer games require lines of codes just to make a ‘turtle’ move from one point to another. And a complicated game can be a daunting task for one programmer alone.

Nowadays, even a young kid may even program a game, especially the game doesn’t require much or any programming. But such game creation software does require simple understanding of logic and software components & functions. Due to the complicated, varied nature of games, evidently the functions may be numerous. But learning the software does not have to be overwhelming to start, especially if you just master or create a very simple game to kick off.  This is good for building confidence, figuring if this is what you want to do long term, and as a learning step by ‘dividing and conquering’ rather than just give up after feeling overwhelmed.

There are a few software to create games without programming. You may consider Game Salad. Why? Because I think it has a clean, clear interface, and two it has a good cross platform support for both the game creator and published games. And you can start for freeThis is important because some people just want to test if this is what they want first before dumping hundreds into this ‘adventure’. Game Salad is for modern, 2D cartoon style game creation.

Why learn on Mobile Games Development on Udemy? Well, I like organised, well recorded, and easily downloadable for devices offline viewing.

There are a few GameSalad® learning courses. And GameSalad® on youtube. Well, Jamie ‘s course is not too short and and I like taking a longer course with more details. Jamie gives clear instructions to step you through the game creation. You don’t have to pay for anything to tryGameSalad® and start creating the game with Jamie’s video instructions. Your call and decision if you do decide to give game creation a go!


Chrome Web Store

There are many gems out on Chrome Web Store which has grown considerably over the years. If you are a blogger, then there are quite a number of tools that can help you blog better.

There are 3 categories: Apps, extensions and theme.

An advantage of using the webstore is that you DON’T have to search and install all over again if you do re-install your google chrome or operating system for that matter. It should re-install on its own once you signed in. That saves lots of time for your favourite tools!

For example if you are starting a new blog and need an idea:

1. Ideas for Blogging

Search for: The Blog Post Ideas Generator on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps

This will install an app on Google Chrome, and you can access this by clicking the Apps icon in your bookmark Bar (Should be the first leftmost colourful icon).

2. Evernote

If you like and uses a notepad or frequently needs to copy and paste or wishes to keep all your content easily without losing them: Evernote.com is a good way to go! Your can search for evernote and install it as from Chrome Webstore App. Evernote keeps things simple, beautiful, free unless you upgrade, and works across platforms on desktop and devices. Alternatively, keep.google.com can be an easy choice too, however, when content gets huge, it may take longer to load.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.20.23 AM

3. What about just bookmarking? Pocket is good one!

Install it as an webstore app, it is visually appealing, and an easy use for free! What else can you ask for. Sometimes, you may just want to keep some web pages so you can refer later for your blogging needs. Getpocket can be easily accessible from +500 apps, web browser and email, and across devices too. Alternative bookmarking tools are xmarks and bookmarks.google.com

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.19.57 AM

Happy Learning!


On MLM – Steer Clear!

Thought of sharing a few thoughts on MLM.

Even if they may not be illegal by definition, pyramid schemes and the likes had earned a poor reputation and for a good reason too! They are unsustainable once the plan or program starts to collapse and those at the pyramid top got most money of the latecomers.

As Roland Whitsell, an MLM researcher, puts that false hope as the strongest, most powerful motivational force today. I concur based on my personal experience that the perpetrators usually make empty promises or gives misleading impressions or deliberately withheld crucial information or simply lie in written form or even in direct conversations to persuade or have you signup their programs or plans for a sum of money, and in some cases, a very significant amount too! I have read of people who lost their house on an internet MLM high ticket program. Simply put, these programs all have at least one thing in common: Projecting false hope or lying. And of course, the greed and malicious intent to scam the victims of their funds.

Initially, it is possible the victims may not be aware of the falsity, half-truths or the perpetrators malicious intent. Remember, these are hardcore frauds who are deliberate and cunning, who dwell in the dark arts of scams and cons. These are people who are willing to say anything to part with your hard earned money. Once you are bought into the program, some will be more obvious than others that their program cannot stand on its own or deliver what they promise. The more crafty ones will plan to drag it out over span of weeks, while trying to convince and brainwash you into thinking their programs worked by repeating and posting fake or unrelated proofs or with positive reviews of more unsuspecting new ‘innocent’ recruits. Earning ‘proofs’ that may not be sustainable or unrelated to the core trainings may be used to lure and convince existing members and newcomers. In any case, as time passes, the truth cannot be hidden anymore. The main perpetrators may start to contradict himself and perhaps catches these contradictions early on if one is wise. Eventually, when the program doesn’t work after one had invested his time, effort and money, the perpetrators may start ignoring the enquiries in an attempt to buy more time or hope that you will forget about it and just let them keep your money. Or provide a contradicting answer when cornered, at which time either way, you should know better. Look for contradictions or what he is not telling you.

In short, you will find out the truth soon enough, and hopefully sooner than later if you keep a clear, level head, do not be swayed by all the hypes and just empty motivational talks with no substance, and importantly, take a step back at certain milestones, to check, to reevaluate, to re-strategise, if this MLM program is working or not and why not. Is it really delivering as promised? Is it ethical and moral? If it is not, admit it. Time to quit and move on. I’m not saying it is easy, but do your best not to be scammed or rip others!

Based on my personal experience, none of the MLM program worked for me, even when I put in the required efforts. By MLM programs, I also consider those that may claim to work by selling their own independent products without necessarily selling their memberships or affiliate commissions off new recruits, but actually their own independent products do not work or sell and most money are made through recruiting new members than any other means. These programs may just be MLMs avoiding that term to avoid suspicions. These programs can cost as little as less than $20 monthly to a fixed high fee of more than four thousands or even high tickets 25 thousands and more! And their training may be hours and hours of mostly just persuading to investing tens of thousands with motivational talks and videos luring false hopes and overly aggressive sales tactics.

Remember, what single internet purchase that had not been valued by an authentic, certified valuer is worth your house value? 

Other synonyms for MLM may include pyramid selling, network marketing, referral marketing or direct selling. Outright illegal ones are also coined as Ponzi schemes, chain letter schemes and consumer fraud scams.

Sometimes nowadays, I think an MLM may not be obvious at first glance, especially when those responsible for the program proclaim a system that worked but actually doesn’t or hardly and the great significant of money flows from the new recruits instead.

This post and subject deserve a place of its own, simply too many, too much had been swindled, ripped and scammed. Some who could have been innocent newbies, lured and brainwashed in steps and over time, to the point of being just as deceitful, malicious and greedy as the program creators once they start telling themselves they are too deeply invested and crossed the point of no return. It is never too late to admit our own wrongdoing and immediately change this moment forward! Don’t wait! Our earth time is too precious to be wasted this way!

Moreover, these MLM programs may often be deliberately designed in such a way as to protect themselves with clauses and agreements, even legal agreements or documents, much to the mental distress and incessant worrying of the victim. Of course, what was mentioned in the documents may very well be different or omitted from what was conveyed over the phone.

From another angle or perspective, why complex and exaggerated downlines compensation schemes and not just simple selling of good quality products or plans such as Apple products or Amazon Kindle Plan or the likes? Keeping things simple, we may at times see more clearly through the intentions and schemes of others.

Conclusion: I am with WordPress on not promoting MLM programs. My advise is to stay away! 


Sharing My Making Money Online Experience & Evaluations Of Three Business Models

To begin with, I assume we are looking for an honest, ethical, sustainable and feasible way of earning money online, right? If not, I guess you are not the right reader I’m reaching out for. Otherwise, read on!
I have seriously started to seek ways months back. And since then, I have learned quite a bit about the different business models and their pros & cons.
Basically, to summarise my lessons learned from a certain angle these months, mostly unpleasant experiences, there are generally three types of business models.
  1. Selling inventory goods/ ebooks or digital services
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Targeting offline businesses
To sum it up, and for your careful consideration before stepping out your first foot in the right direction or why even bother taking half a wrong step?

Let’s talk about Targeting offline businesses. Some people would talk about selling internet services to offline businesses because they don’t have the time or skill to do it, or that you can bring more money to them than you charge, often at a steep fee much more than what you need to set them up and have them pay you every month.
The problem: What you do can be relatively simple to setup actually, and you charge a high fee every month for doing little or nothing. Would you like to be ridiculously overcharged for your ignorance or lack of knowledge for something? And what then once they realise that? As for delivering more business profits than you charge, are you sure you can sustain this for long? Or do you think people prefer to work with business people who are cutthroat greedy on a long term? The natural transgression for a small offline business promote online its presence likely just need a website or facebook, or simple submissions to major search engines costing just domain, hosting or alternatives with nothing and of course your own content, mostly they don’t need more than these basic common sense. Then again, without real hard work, is there really any real long term, sustainable gain? People bent on the mindset of looking for the easy way out or get Rick quick scheme they fall as easy prey to these schemes themselves because of their own greed and ignorance into sales pitches that are designed for just these very people with this mindset, telling them what they want to hear and read, not what they deliver or truly promise or only telling the partial mixed with mistruths, half truths and false hopes, resulting in both the preyed and liars responsible for the victimisation. Remember, easy money can only take you so far before he found out or realised it. Conversely, you might have an experience of forking out a lot of your hard earned money or money which you haven’t got much or shouldn’t even spend even if you have for something which you found out someone invested a little of his time or money and charges you tens or hundreds times of the cost involved, and you may get minimal, unsatisfactory results or even lost more because of the inferior quality. Yes, it can cost you more than just money at times, perhaps one may stoop to the same immoral and dishonest methods and ways the same way one was ripped off. That can be the start of endless lies and cheating, which definitely will lead to one’s inevitable downfall, just a matter of when and how, online and/or offline.
Conclusion: I would advise to stay away on this one. I would also advise avoiding all ‘high-tickets’ or costly programs running into hundreds  and even thousands. Considered yourself so warned.

Next, internet marketing.
Huge topic, this is. Selling other people ’s goods or services for a commission or a fee.
The problem:
Basically and generally, not a good business model due to too many factors.
One, the product or affiliate network you are promoting may not pay you out for some reasons. A reason you may have is the traffic you drove there are not captured or chaffed off by the network.
Two, promoting a product or two may not be enough for you to go on and you have keep looking for more good products and services that you can promote, which bring us to
Three, you may not have that much funds to test out every product to promote to know if its good or not.
Four, the products you promote may not have affiliate resources, making it difficult for some advertising channels.
Five, the traffic you drive has to be enough and relevant and inexpensive enough to make this work.
Six, affiliate marketing may not be cheap. You may have to spend quite a bit testing out this and that and so many things before you can hit something working.
Seven and even when it does work out some profit, is it enough profit and even sustainable? It may for a while, then some other factors may change quickly and one may profit one day and the next day nothing much. Do you want to keep tweaking your campaigns and advertising and content when you are old and tired?
Eight, some internet marketing will focus on content and blogging with keywords. So it all depends on whether the content you churn out is quality or not. Question is can you write good content every time or most of the time with that particular keywords or will it read like some information that was more likely written for search engine crawlers or content that waste the readers’ time?
Nine, some training may kickstart with promoting indecent content or teach black hat methods, which begs the question: Is your ethics and moral value really that cheap or worthless? If one does not hold steadfast moral standards, do not expect others to view one with respect or as a good person. So at the end of the day, do you think you are a good person? Very important question, because this is not only how we view ourselves but also how others will too, no bad deeds go unpunished.
For reasons stated above or even more, there are simply too many variables and factors to be considered that may not be in your control or worth your precious earth time. Do you really want to start something that many things may and can go wrong easily and quickly? Sometimes, people kept repeating the same bad patterns convincing themselves to persevere, or is it just too stubborn to admit it?
Conclusion: I would also advise to stay away. Too many pitfalls and traps. And definitely stay away from MLM. I have tried some and even very costly ones, but they never worked out as promised  or taught or do much more harm than nothing. Considered yourself warned!
The hard work put in may yield nothing. Not to forget, will you really want to bet your income on blogging and keyword results will never change with the next google animal update? Again, I do not recommend any internet marketing route. No.

Third, selling goods, ebooks and digital services online.
This is my favourite because of many reasons. I assume people who are reading are mostly sole entrepreneurs who do not have the means and resources to develop huge and complex softwares or online services so I will scrap off digital services online.
The problem.
Okay, most people will sell goods on Amazon and eBay. At least, when we sell legal, decent and harmless goods or ebooks on Amazon and eBay not in a questionable or immoral manner, we are doing business in an ethical and honest way we can, I presume. Therefore, a more sustainable business model because we do not fear repercussions or implications of unlawful or unethical or questionable nature. At least, not to the best of our knowledge or ability. As for goods on Amazon, you see, if you are in U.S or live near U.S, yes it is really possible to earn money by selling on Amazon. When you are in U.S or live near U.S, you can save the labelling or preparation fees or long transportation cost to make this feasible. And you may need to invest quite a bit to start really making profits, a thousand bucks can be a start but may be too little. And you need time for Amazon to sell as well. Some products may take longer to sell and many may run into strong competition before long and price slashing starts. And sourcing for the right products to sell is the main topic here, which some will resort to membership subscription. It does seem some people are making quite a lot of money here. Then again, there are a few factors to consider here: your location, how much can you invest, did you find the right product sourcing membership group, can you find a good reliable products prepping service or do it yourself.
There are quite a few factors to consider, but with Amazon as your marketplace or business partner, your business is likely in good hands than not. For some, this itself is enough for them to earn a living and even a fortune. But may not be for some; your situation may differ. Now, we come to selling ebooks. Ah, this is practically one of the best business models around. Why? Cost: Investment in yourself as a writer. You can keep churning out decent writings depending on yourself, not others. How much? Heck, I have tried or spent on much lesser products or information. Your investment to be a writer should cost so much less than what it takes to invest into buying goods, only a fraction. You still work with Amazon, and other e-book marketplaces. Your own ebooks. You no longer depend on the unreliable payouts of product owners. With Amazon, you don’t worry about the unreliable middle man or marketplace. So basically, you only have to write and publish ebooks with the right training, doing the right promotion for your own ebooks, that’s it! You control your own outcome and how much you may earn. Say, if you wrote a lousy book, then you can change it or write a better one soon at your own pace, your choice, your decision, your freedom.
Selling inventory physical goods is definitely a viable alternative for some. But conditions apply, such as location and budget.This may work for some but again, it also involves some hard work especially initially before one get it auto-pilot, and at least more sustainable than previous other models. Cream of it all: Selling ebooks. Investment in yourself as a writer, and so your own ebooks, in evergreen markets. Also with Amazon as a reliable marketplace or partner. Requires hard work and time but should be much, much lesser investment cost than ongoing goods, prepping, transportation cost and discards, resulting in substantial savings as time goes on. Can be a sustainable, ethical and affordable, and even hugely profitable business model depending on your own diligence and perseverance. If you can only spend so much time on one business model, make this worth your while. If you do not want to work hard or put in the time or effort to be a writer, then move on. Then again, what fruits ever come of being lazy, not working hard?

Some final thoughts.
Now that I have laid out the advantages and problems as it is, I hope you see the validity of it and save yourself the hassle I went through.
If readers would like to know which writing and e-book program to consider, please leave a comment so I may edit, add my recommendation or reply. And of course I don’t think all such programs is the same, again tread very carefully, when deciding which program to purchase by yourself because there are simply one too many decepticons out there. You have been warned.
Sorry if this post sounds harsh at times, but hopefully serves in your best interest, good luck!

House With Innovative Indoor Cat Playground

How cool is that?

These cats really seem to be enjoying and loving it. Brings on a whole new meaning to the word catwalk. Isn’t it wonderful? These walks and cats looks beautiful, not only do they get to exercise indoor, but seem to have fun at it too. Cats are generally docile and can be a beauty to behold. The pet owners also somewhat mention hearing the cats walking at night. Well, cats stay up at night too, and they seem to love the walks. Bear in mind some these walks are high up near the ceiling, some other than cats or other animals unafraid of heights may also enjoy these walks e.g birds perhaps? To see them walking around like these really bring the place alive, don’t you think?

This can be a whole new way of interior decoration, and for modern architecture. In my opinion, this is also perfect for tiny houses. In case you are not familiar, tiny houses lovers share the love or live in such smaller but cozy houses or rooms, some are portable. They come in different styles and sizes. Some can be economically built for sale, while others can be creative innovations by the owners themselves. Here’s a site with so many of these beautiful homes for your viewing pleasure:- http://tinyhouseblog.com/

Hopefully these ideas and pictures brings some inspiration and joy to you for years to come!


Learning with Udemy

What is Udemy?

An online learning portal with over 22,000 courses, 5 million students and option to learn at your own pace on any devices. The part I like about this is the option to download Udemy courses for offline access on devices such as Iphone or Ipad. Udemy courses are video lessons, generally clearly recorded.

Savings with Udemy

Udemy often has savings or discounts. Just signup with udemy for notification or google udemy retailmenot for coupons. Go to the course you are interested on, and enter the coupon to redeem coupon. Sometimes the coupon codes are promotion offer a lot of discounts.

But Udemy are not only offering paid courses, there are also many free courses you can learn from. Now, I am not saying go take every single courses out there nor am I validating every courses out there. Our time is limited, we need to better spend our time on quality courses that better fits out needs. Feel free to do your due diligence, read through the reviews for results and not just for raving reviews but more realistic ones. Contact the reviewers even. Free does not really mean wasting our time on useless information justifies it or even ‘advices’ that rips or results us losing much money and time! Udemy, like google in a sense, is just a portal medium or tool to access information, and I think they are doing a good job at it. At least as far I know, Udemy or Google has established themselves as a reputable brand for their service/s. And justifiably so, given the general quality of course delivery in Udemy case. However, we must understand Udemy cannot be held responsible for every single course content out there, because ultimately, it is up to the the course trainer or lecturer to be responsible for delivering quality information and support. Having said that Udemy has done a great job at what it’s doing, well, there is probably no other like Udemy in its class league I know right now.

With 22,000 courses out there, there are quite a bit to learn out there! If you are not able to find what you want to learn out there, then of course, there is the free youtube videos. There are some other paid learning portals out there, but Udemy is still a good, general choice to go with. Unless its a specialised niche you are into where only other portal conent can offer, then Udemy may offer you information and even saves you time and money.

Also worth a mention is Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee. Just contact them. Of course, to be fair, we should ask for authentic refunds and not be serial refunders just to take advantage of others.

Happy learning success with Udemy!