Simplifying with Linux

If you have read  Install, Learn or Use Linux or Applications before written couple of years back, it is probably time for an update of  more on using or better, albeit probably a shorter write-up, with updates as and when.

In this post, we’ll look a different ways Linux can help simplify our life and ease on daily usage..


What about using Linux as an educational tool for kids and teenagers? Well, there is the Sugar Labs and Edubuntu. This helps to make learning fun and easier.

Apple Inc. Mac OSX Machines

Just a little side-track  on The “brother” of Linux?  Wait, what if you want  a customized Unix-based system running on dedicated, proprietary hardware?  That will be the very popular Mac systems running on Mac OSX. Well, why would we want that, one may wonder. For a few reasons at least.  For one, stability as a result of a more complete compatibility of of both software and hardware. And two, the beauty of a total concept and outlook; a white, clean and simple image in the case of Mac products. Third, probably ease of use. If one has own a Mac product before, chances is he will agree that it is quality built to last. There is quite a bit more about Mac products to just a conventional system, for example :-  ipod, ipad, iphone etc.


Now, let’s say we want a small, free or open source operating system that  anyone can use or have fun & develop? Here comes Google’s Android – based on Linux kernel. Like the iphone or ipad, it is like having a mini operating system in your pocket or jacket on the road or travelling e.g. Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy Tab.



Is there a more serious side to Linux? Definitely! There is the Ubuntu Advantage and Ubuntu Home Support for those who needs it. There is also the more graphical Linux small business server, ubuntu-based Zentyal offering different subscription packages, and even the ClearBox Hardware with clearOS server, network and gateway capabilities.


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