If someone were to ask me which linux or ubuntu variant to take or start, I would probably say Ubuntu. Having tested with quite a number of linux for years, I do have certain expectations and preferences. Despite the years, I still prefer ease, simplicity, clarity and less technical burden on the user.

There are a number of reasons why I prefer Edubuntu.

First, let’s start with the philosophical view. Born of Linux, being free and only wishing to give others, then gradually maturing into debian and Ubuntu – ‘Humanity’, and blossoming into Edubuntu – The ubuntu variant that offers free linux and educational games to kids, teenaagers and adults alike.

Secondly, in terms of technicality, not only can it give new life to old and lower-specs laptops and PCs, it is relatively problem-free upon installation and new software addition, at least in my case.

Thirdly, the eye candy and ease factor. This has one of my highest vote. The Unity-2D allows a large search and results box to display upon the top left-hand corner click. The auto-hide left-hand side large icons for shortcuts and running programs is pleasant.

A few recommendations to install via Ubuntu Software Center

  • Docky – The floating icons below
  • Uget – Downloads resume
  • Chromium Web Browser – A pleasant browser
  • Calibre – Ebooks Library Manager
Some shortcut keys :-
To copy highlighted text : Ctrl + C
To paste after copying : Ctrl + V
To switch between programs : Alt + Tab
To search or show available programs: Press Windows key and start typing to search
To switch between the four available work-spaces : Press Ctrl + Alt + the arrow key
Other website/s to note or bookmark: – Free, stable internet radio of acceptable quality and various genres.
If Edubuntu does not work out for any reason, the Dream Studio may be a good option for the better PCs and Notebooks that can support it or the Peppermint OS, light weight and Cloud/Web Centric.
Piano Booster – If you are adult beginner interested in learning piano and have a USB piano keyboard (maybe virtual keyboard may work too), this small, good and free software may just be what you need to get started and begin playing within minutes after download and installation.
Good Luck and have fun!

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