Home Learning

Love Home Learning! With internet, tons of educational materials can be found.
Quality,  excellent or good learning
Below courses or sites are recommended because of the quality of software, information and/or delivery.
  1. Udemy.com – Many video courses. Some of which are free. Of course, not all courses are of equal quality. However, recordings are usually high quality resolution and delivers well on desktop and iPhone (can be downloaded for offline viewing). Please read the reviews before decide to sign up.
  2. Blender is a free open source quality content creation suite. e.g make 3D models and animation movies.
  3.    GameSalad for free easy, cross-platform, modern, rapidly drag-n-drop, quality game creation.     Udemy courses on game salad are available.
  4. Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program. e.g photo-retouching.
  5.    Canva – Free online graphic design tool. Design posters, Facebook covers and more, some elements are free while other images may just cost $1.
  6. Ubuntu is a free, open source and popular operating system for desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops.
  7.    Codeschool and Treehouse are modern online videos or interactive coding environment that teachings programming with rewarding batches. Diveintopython offers good, free python (a free and powerful programming language) learning. May find both python and Ruby fun; Free or GPL, concise and productive. Heard of Ruby Language? “A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write”. Have fun at shoesrb.
Others ; Art etc…
  1. Fivepencilmethod.com is a high quality pencil drawing course. The free online course is taught by a professional and sincere artist. Amazing beauty!
  2. Wikipedia – the free, web-based encyclopedia comprising millions of articles.
Beginner IT books easy on readers
Still publishing new books of an older but of simplified, tutorial style is the Sams Teach Yourself series. On learning from modern books, esp. IT, there are some interesting trends of new writing ways for learning. For example, there are the Head First Series sold at Amazon.com that are filled with pictures and materials presented in casual style, the friendly-looking getstartED with friendsofED series, the Cookbooks (O’Reilly) series that lists questions or problems and the and the solutions, rather like the FAQ style.  Then, there are the LiveLessons that teaches from videos in DVDs, accompanied with thin booklets (IMHO, learning from these DVDs can be a fast help for beginners or as refreshers). On purchasing books, depending on your location, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles are excellent for U.S customers. Worldwide readers may consider Kobobooks. Retailmenot sometimes offer discounts for Kobobooks.
Free Certification
  1. Homeandlearn.co.uk – Free Tutorials, exams and certification.
Of course, if you just wish to blog or publish some stuffs online with good visual themes & some basic widgets yet without the hassle of the concerns of hosting and costs, WordPress may indeed be the answer. WordPress can also host your domain name for a fee. Enjoy!

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