Why and How to Blog Or Write Comfortably With A Simple Attractive App Starting In Minutes!

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Why Blog/Write at all? I know this is not for everyone. But the power of marketing and advertising speaks for itself. Maybe you are not a Copywriter or a novelist, but even the average Internet Marketeer is better equipped to market products and services than another which is not. Look at it from another perspective. Let’s say a search engine such as google. Everyday, everyone buys stuffs and searches for information. Any decent search engine will most likely index and presents at the top searches the most relevant, valuable and unique content that someone has to say on a certain topic, as opposed to only be shown duplicated, spin content, sales content of little real value, or simply useless outdated information. “A real well-informed reader or buyer will look for information and reviews beyond the pretty painted surface” Which is why there is a huge market for people looking for information and reviews. Google searches alone runs in the billions if not trillions and more. Basically, as a successful business person or entrepreneur, we bring supply to demand. Of course, people are looking for original, unique and honest information and reviews written by others, to save them pain and frustrations and better their purposes. For example: Ask yourself, would you rather read pages after pages of useless sales pitches or just get to the point of whether is this an honest product or service of true said value? Truth is, people are more likely to just move on and stop wasting time reading the the offers or information once they know it is a scam, useless or plain valueless, of course other than scammers and the likes. How to Blog with THE App –  Review and Recommendation of the Free or Trial Blogging or Writing Desktop App When hunting for a good blogging or writing App, the feel and flow is important, just as the font and look. It comes down to a personal choice it seems. “I like a simple and yet modern look with clear fonts.” I am basically looking around for free App or software, as opposed to just typing in Blogging or Website directly. My current recommendation for Journalist Desktop App, so just go ahead and download, start to write in minutes in you like :- Funnyrealm.com Sorry this only has Mac and iOS versions. But there are other free alternatives, though the feel and looks are different. Test it out to see which you like best. Online Solutions? If you have an iCloud Account, please login to iCloud and your may have Pages ready to help you write. Did you know that iCloud notes can sync with your Google notes found in Gmail accounts?  No iCloud? Consider Evernote to save your notes for long term purpose and usage too. Remember, the importance of backing up important documents and all your good writings.

Alternatively, docs.google.com Other Desktop Solutions? Yes… LibreOffice OpenOffice Hope this saves your time! And to your Blogging and writing success!

Update: 20 April 2015

FocusWriter Font Increase

Unfortunately,  Journalist Desktop App looked to have been discontinued.  After looking for some others, well there is FocusWriter for Mac/Linux/Windows, You can download for free, though they encourage donation. The good things: They have a minimalistic look, an Old School theme with black background for those whose eyes are sensitive to brightness, a typewriter sound if you prefer, a timer to help your Butt-In-Chair writing goal and word count to help keep track and even a daily progress function. When starting, enable automatically save changes under preference and you might want to consider duplicating the Old School Theme and Edit for larger font. I know, they don’t have fonts function for direct access. But it’s a working simple and free distraction-free software. And do consider donating if you find it useful and profitable in your endeavours. Happy writing 🙂


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