Learning with Udemy

What is Udemy?

An online learning portal with over 22,000 courses, 5 million students and option to learn at your own pace on any devices. The part I like about this is the option to download Udemy courses for offline access on devices such as Iphone or Ipad. Udemy courses are video lessons, generally clearly recorded.

Savings with Udemy

Udemy often has savings or discounts. Just signup with udemy for notification or google udemy retailmenot for coupons. Go to the course you are interested on, and enter the coupon to redeem coupon. Sometimes the coupon codes are promotion offer a lot of discounts.

But Udemy are not only offering paid courses, there are also many free courses you can learn from. Now, I am not saying go take every single courses out there nor am I validating every courses out there. Our time is limited, we need to better spend our time on quality courses that better fits out needs. Feel free to do your due diligence, read through the reviews for results and not just for raving reviews but more realistic ones. Contact the reviewers even. Free does not really mean wasting our time on useless information justifies it or even ‘advices’ that rips or results us losing much money and time! Udemy, like google in a sense, is just a portal medium or tool to access information, and I think they are doing a good job at it. At least as far I know, Udemy or Google has established themselves as a reputable brand for their service/s. And justifiably so, given the general quality of course delivery in Udemy case. However, we must understand Udemy cannot be held responsible for every single course content out there, because ultimately, it is up to the the course trainer or lecturer to be responsible for delivering quality information and support. Having said that Udemy has done a great job at what it’s doing, well, there is probably no other like Udemy in its class league I know right now.

With 22,000 courses out there, there are quite a bit to learn out there! If you are not able to find what you want to learn out there, then of course, there is the free youtube videos. There are some other paid learning portals out there, but Udemy is still a good, general choice to go with. Unless its a specialised niche you are into where only other portal conent can offer, then Udemy may offer you information and even saves you time and money.

Also worth a mention is Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee. Just contact them. Of course, to be fair, we should ask for authentic refunds and not be serial refunders just to take advantage of others.

Happy learning success with Udemy!


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