House With Innovative Indoor Cat Playground

How cool is that?

These cats really seem to be enjoying and loving it. Brings on a whole new meaning to the word catwalk. Isn’t it wonderful? These walks and cats looks beautiful, not only do they get to exercise indoor, but seem to have fun at it too. Cats are generally docile and can be a beauty to behold. The pet owners also somewhat mention hearing the cats walking at night. Well, cats stay up at night too, and they seem to love the walks. Bear in mind some these walks are high up near the ceiling, some other than cats or other animals unafraid of heights may also enjoy these walks e.g birds perhaps? To see them walking around like these really bring the place alive, don’t you think?

This can be a whole new way of interior decoration, and for modern architecture. In my opinion, this is also perfect for tiny houses. In case you are not familiar, tiny houses lovers share the love or live in such smaller but cozy houses or rooms, some are portable. They come in different styles and sizes. Some can be economically built for sale, while others can be creative innovations by the owners themselves. Here’s a site with so many of these beautiful homes for your viewing pleasure:-

Hopefully these ideas and pictures brings some inspiration and joy to you for years to come!


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