Sharing My Making Money Online Experience & Evaluations Of Three Business Models

To begin with, I assume we are looking for an honest, ethical, sustainable and feasible way of earning money online, right? If not, I guess you are not the right reader I’m reaching out for. Otherwise, read on!
I have seriously started to seek ways months back. And since then, I have learned quite a bit about the different business models and their pros & cons.
Basically, to summarise my lessons learned from a certain angle these months, mostly unpleasant experiences, there are generally three types of business models.
  1. Selling inventory goods/ ebooks or digital services
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Targeting offline businesses
To sum it up, and for your careful consideration before stepping out your first foot in the right direction or why even bother taking half a wrong step?

Let’s talk about Targeting offline businesses. Some people would talk about selling internet services to offline businesses because they don’t have the time or skill to do it, or that you can bring more money to them than you charge, often at a steep fee much more than what you need to set them up and have them pay you every month.
The problem: What you do can be relatively simple to setup actually, and you charge a high fee every month for doing little or nothing. Would you like to be ridiculously overcharged for your ignorance or lack of knowledge for something? And what then once they realise that? As for delivering more business profits than you charge, are you sure you can sustain this for long? Or do you think people prefer to work with business people who are cutthroat greedy on a long term? The natural transgression for a small offline business promote online its presence likely just need a website or facebook, or simple submissions to major search engines costing just domain, hosting or alternatives with nothing and of course your own content, mostly they don’t need more than these basic common sense. Then again, without real hard work, is there really any real long term, sustainable gain? People bent on the mindset of looking for the easy way out or get Rick quick scheme they fall as easy prey to these schemes themselves because of their own greed and ignorance into sales pitches that are designed for just these very people with this mindset, telling them what they want to hear and read, not what they deliver or truly promise or only telling the partial mixed with mistruths, half truths and false hopes, resulting in both the preyed and liars responsible for the victimisation. Remember, easy money can only take you so far before he found out or realised it. Conversely, you might have an experience of forking out a lot of your hard earned money or money which you haven’t got much or shouldn’t even spend even if you have for something which you found out someone invested a little of his time or money and charges you tens or hundreds times of the cost involved, and you may get minimal, unsatisfactory results or even lost more because of the inferior quality. Yes, it can cost you more than just money at times, perhaps one may stoop to the same immoral and dishonest methods and ways the same way one was ripped off. That can be the start of endless lies and cheating, which definitely will lead to one’s inevitable downfall, just a matter of when and how, online and/or offline.
Conclusion: I would advise to stay away on this one. I would also advise avoiding all ‘high-tickets’ or costly programs running into hundreds  and even thousands. Considered yourself so warned.

Next, internet marketing.
Huge topic, this is. Selling other people ’s goods or services for a commission or a fee.
The problem:
Basically and generally, not a good business model due to too many factors.
One, the product or affiliate network you are promoting may not pay you out for some reasons. A reason you may have is the traffic you drove there are not captured or chaffed off by the network.
Two, promoting a product or two may not be enough for you to go on and you have keep looking for more good products and services that you can promote, which bring us to
Three, you may not have that much funds to test out every product to promote to know if its good or not.
Four, the products you promote may not have affiliate resources, making it difficult for some advertising channels.
Five, the traffic you drive has to be enough and relevant and inexpensive enough to make this work.
Six, affiliate marketing may not be cheap. You may have to spend quite a bit testing out this and that and so many things before you can hit something working.
Seven and even when it does work out some profit, is it enough profit and even sustainable? It may for a while, then some other factors may change quickly and one may profit one day and the next day nothing much. Do you want to keep tweaking your campaigns and advertising and content when you are old and tired?
Eight, some internet marketing will focus on content and blogging with keywords. So it all depends on whether the content you churn out is quality or not. Question is can you write good content every time or most of the time with that particular keywords or will it read like some information that was more likely written for search engine crawlers or content that waste the readers’ time?
Nine, some training may kickstart with promoting indecent content or teach black hat methods, which begs the question: Is your ethics and moral value really that cheap or worthless? If one does not hold steadfast moral standards, do not expect others to view one with respect or as a good person. So at the end of the day, do you think you are a good person? Very important question, because this is not only how we view ourselves but also how others will too, no bad deeds go unpunished.
For reasons stated above or even more, there are simply too many variables and factors to be considered that may not be in your control or worth your precious earth time. Do you really want to start something that many things may and can go wrong easily and quickly? Sometimes, people kept repeating the same bad patterns convincing themselves to persevere, or is it just too stubborn to admit it?
Conclusion: I would also advise to stay away. Too many pitfalls and traps. And definitely stay away from MLM. I have tried some and even very costly ones, but they never worked out as promised  or taught or do much more harm than nothing. Considered yourself warned!
The hard work put in may yield nothing. Not to forget, will you really want to bet your income on blogging and keyword results will never change with the next google animal update? Again, I do not recommend any internet marketing route. No.

Third, selling goods, ebooks and digital services online.
This is my favourite because of many reasons. I assume people who are reading are mostly sole entrepreneurs who do not have the means and resources to develop huge and complex softwares or online services so I will scrap off digital services online.
The problem.
Okay, most people will sell goods on Amazon and eBay. At least, when we sell legal, decent and harmless goods or ebooks on Amazon and eBay not in a questionable or immoral manner, we are doing business in an ethical and honest way we can, I presume. Therefore, a more sustainable business model because we do not fear repercussions or implications of unlawful or unethical or questionable nature. At least, not to the best of our knowledge or ability. As for goods on Amazon, you see, if you are in U.S or live near U.S, yes it is really possible to earn money by selling on Amazon. When you are in U.S or live near U.S, you can save the labelling or preparation fees or long transportation cost to make this feasible. And you may need to invest quite a bit to start really making profits, a thousand bucks can be a start but may be too little. And you need time for Amazon to sell as well. Some products may take longer to sell and many may run into strong competition before long and price slashing starts. And sourcing for the right products to sell is the main topic here, which some will resort to membership subscription. It does seem some people are making quite a lot of money here. Then again, there are a few factors to consider here: your location, how much can you invest, did you find the right product sourcing membership group, can you find a good reliable products prepping service or do it yourself.
There are quite a few factors to consider, but with Amazon as your marketplace or business partner, your business is likely in good hands than not. For some, this itself is enough for them to earn a living and even a fortune. But may not be for some; your situation may differ. Now, we come to selling ebooks. Ah, this is practically one of the best business models around. Why? Cost: Investment in yourself as a writer. You can keep churning out decent writings depending on yourself, not others. How much? Heck, I have tried or spent on much lesser products or information. Your investment to be a writer should cost so much less than what it takes to invest into buying goods, only a fraction. You still work with Amazon, and other e-book marketplaces. Your own ebooks. You no longer depend on the unreliable payouts of product owners. With Amazon, you don’t worry about the unreliable middle man or marketplace. So basically, you only have to write and publish ebooks with the right training, doing the right promotion for your own ebooks, that’s it! You control your own outcome and how much you may earn. Say, if you wrote a lousy book, then you can change it or write a better one soon at your own pace, your choice, your decision, your freedom.
Selling inventory physical goods is definitely a viable alternative for some. But conditions apply, such as location and budget.This may work for some but again, it also involves some hard work especially initially before one get it auto-pilot, and at least more sustainable than previous other models. Cream of it all: Selling ebooks. Investment in yourself as a writer, and so your own ebooks, in evergreen markets. Also with Amazon as a reliable marketplace or partner. Requires hard work and time but should be much, much lesser investment cost than ongoing goods, prepping, transportation cost and discards, resulting in substantial savings as time goes on. Can be a sustainable, ethical and affordable, and even hugely profitable business model depending on your own diligence and perseverance. If you can only spend so much time on one business model, make this worth your while. If you do not want to work hard or put in the time or effort to be a writer, then move on. Then again, what fruits ever come of being lazy, not working hard?

Some final thoughts.
Now that I have laid out the advantages and problems as it is, I hope you see the validity of it and save yourself the hassle I went through.
If readers would like to know which writing and e-book program to consider, please leave a comment so I may edit, add my recommendation or reply. And of course I don’t think all such programs is the same, again tread very carefully, when deciding which program to purchase by yourself because there are simply one too many decepticons out there. You have been warned.
Sorry if this post sounds harsh at times, but hopefully serves in your best interest, good luck!